Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ryan Gosling Looks East for Diet, Workout Inspiration


Ryan Gosling takes the cake when it comes to exotic workouts and diets. He’s a follower of trendy Hollywood trainer Kiu Puk, who advocates a Far Eastern approach to food and exercise.
Puk runs the Muay Thai Academy of America in North Hollywood where Gosling, 31, trains. He missed out being named People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” to Bradley Cooper last year. Fans have not forgiven the magazine.

Ryan Gosling Overlooked by Oscar

Gosling was also overlooked this year for an Oscar for his outstanding supporting role in “The Ides of March,” with George Clooney. But he tends not to look back.
He’s got three new films in the works. “Gangster Squad” and “The Place Beyond the Pines” both of which are in post-production. His other film, “Only God Forgives” is in production.
He reunites with “Drive” director Nicolas Winding Refn. for the film, which has been shooting in Bangkok. Gosling has several Thai boxing scenes, so expect lots of screen time without his shirt.
“Ryan’s disciplined and enthusiastic, and above all, he loves his training,” Puk tells Life & Style magazine. “He trains for around two hours at a time — it’s pretty nonstop.”

Ryan Gosling Fans React to Sexiest Man Choice

His workouts show. Gosling has a ripped body and owes it to his dedication, says the trainer. “Some of the big stars come in here for two hours and try to conduct business on their cellphone while they’re here,” he says. “But not Ryan. He’s polite, always listens to what I’m saying and follows all instructions.”
Puk adds that diet is also key. “I’ve recommended that he stick to a traditional Thai diet of fish, green vegetables and rice. I can tell he’s sticking to it.”

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