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Ryan Gosling -Touch of Evil- Invisible Man

Ryan Gosling car obsession almost got him killed

Ryan Gosling car obsession almost got him killed
February 24th, 2012
01:33 PM

Ryan Gosling car obsession almost got him killed

Drive actor Ryan Gosling has revealed how he has always been obsessed with cars from a very young age and he would do anything just to get close to the cars. Ryan admitted that one day, when he was a young boy, he was so eager to get close to the cars, that he stood in the middle of the road and tried to get hit by them.
Gosling explained, "I also stood in the middle of the street trying to get hit by cars, not because I wanted to die but I wanted to be where the cars were. I didn't have any friends: not in a sad, 'poor me' way. I didn't want any. I liked being alone. When I first saw Rambo, that movie put a kind of spell on me and I actually thought I WAS Rambo. So much so, that one day, I took a bunch of steak knives to school and threw them around at recess time because I thought we were in the movie.”
He added, "I'm not proud of this but I did learn a lesson - I was suspended from school." Ryan Gosling is currently in the process of filming his latest movie Only God Forgives, with Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn. Only God Forgives also stars Kristin Scott Thomas and is expected to be released later this year.

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Ryan Gosling Calls Upcoming Project 'Only God Forgives' The "Strangest Thing" He’s Ever Read


by Jeff Otto

Says Director Ruben Fleischer Holds His Own Amongst the Massive Ensemble of 'Gangster Squad'

To say Ryan Gosling’s star is on the rise would be a tremendous understatement at this point. After critically acclaimed roles in 2007’s “Lars and the Real Girl” and last year’s “Blue Valentine,” 2011 feels like the year of Gosling. Following the commercial hit “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” Gosling is the star of this year’s most buzzed-about movie, Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Drive” and  as the lead in George Clooney’s political drama, “The Ides of March.”
Next up for Gosling is the intriguing “Gangster Squad” from “Zombieland” director Ruben Fleischer, an epic tale of the 1950’s battle between LAPD and the mob, which is currently shooting in LA (Fleischer's posting set pics to his personal website if you want to check them out). After that, Gosling will re-team with “Drive’s” Refn for “Only God Forgives.”
During a press day chat for 'Ides,' Gosling spoke briefly about the two upcoming projects.
“‘Gangster Squad’ is a 1950’s gangster picture,” says Gosling. “It’s got a great cast. Ruben [Fleischer]’s directing and Sean Penn plays Mickey Cohen. Josh Brolin is the lead and Anthony Mackie, Giovanni Ribisi, Robert Patrick, Emma Stone, Michael Pena. Nick Nolte just signed on. A lot of great actors.”
After “Zombieland” and “30 Seconds or Less,” Fleischer seems like an unlikely choice to direct “Gangster Squad.” “It’s very, very different tonally [from his other films] and I think he’s doing a great job so far,” Gosling tells press. “He’s great. What an undertaking. Period, a gangster picture. There’s all these actors and everyone comes with their own set of needs. He’s handling it really well.”
As for his part as Sgt. Jerry Wooters, one of the cops aiming to take down Penn’s Mob Boss Mickey Cohen, Gosling admits that is a bit of a work in progress. “I’m still trying to figure that out. I’m on it right now and it’s a mystery to me but I’m working on it.”
After 'Squad,' Gosling will head to Thailand for a reunion with Refn in “Only God Forgives.” “We start in January. We’re shooting chronologically. We’ll be in Thailand for five months.” "Only God Forgives" also co-stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Vithaya Pansringarm, and Yaya Ying, according to the latest production weekly we've seen.
The actor is already in training for the role, which he says requires a lot of prep. “[I’m doing] Muay Thai [training],” Gosling says with a certain bit of exasperation. “It’s been painful. I like it a lot.”
We haven't heard much on “Only God Forgives,” aside that it’s about a British gangster who seeks vengeance on a Thai ex-cop, though some new details have emerged from a production synopsis going around. Gosling doesn’t offer a whole lot of additional clarification other than telling press, “It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever read and it’s only going to get stranger.”
The current synopsis we've seen elaborates a bit, though we tend to agree with Gosling's "strange" assessment so far. This definitely keeps the air of mystery around the story intact, but it sounds like and even more interesting follow up from the dynamic duo of Refn and Gosling.
"Julian lives in exile in Bangkok where he runs a Thai boxing club as a front for the family's drugs smuggling operation. When Julian's brother Billy is killed their mother, Jenna, arrives in the city. She wants revenge and forces Julian to find the killer. Julian's contacts in the criminal underworld lead him directly to The Angel of Vengeance, a retired police officer who knows everything and who is both Judge and Punisher. Jenna demands that Julian kill The Angel of Vengeance, an act that will cost him dearly."

I read books to learn how to pull - Ryan Gosling

In real life he is snogging Latino lovely Eva Mendes.
His Beckham-like face and breath-taking pecs made grown women take to the streets in protest when Hangover star Bradley Cooper stole the Sexiest Man Alive title from him in December.
On-screen he has perfected the "tortured hunk" role to such an extent that his brutal movie Drive, was Rolling Stone mag's film of 2011.
Yet the hot Canadian admits when it came to playing serial seducer Jacob Palmer in comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love he had to read books and men's mags for advice on how to pull.

Ryan Gosling as Jacob in Crazy, Stupid, Love
Scrubbed up ... Ryan plays Jacob in Crazy, Stupid, Love
Ryan, 31, says: "I don't want to disappoint you, but it's not really like the film.
"I just tried to follow all the rules that men's magazines give you, like all the ways you're supposed to dress, all the exercises you're supposed to do, and all the things you're supposed to say. Just follow the letter of the law.
"I read that book, The Game. I like to call it The Lame. Or that TV show, The Pick Up Artist. I watched that.
"I don't know whether seduction can be taught or not. But these gentlemen seem to think that they have something to say, and they have devotees.

Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine
Blue Valentine ... with Michelle Williams
"What I like about the film is the philosophy. Even though Jacob's essentially a knucklehead, at the heart of it, he's saying: 'Don't use pick-up lines, don't make lame bar banter. Just talk to them as you would talk to one of your friends. Just talk to them.'
"So, I thought if there's any wisdom in there, that probably sounds like good advice."
Although he denies giving mates advice on how to pull - "No, no never", Ryan has had two pretty decent role models to follow himself.
George Clooney cast the Canadian as the lead in his 2011 political drama The Ides of March.
Clooney, two times winner of People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive title, later joked that while they were filming Ryan became obsessed with winning that honour.
Clooney says: "He really wants it.
"He'd been saying the whole time we were on the set: 'How did you pull that off?'
"So I called up Brad Pitt and we worked with him for weeks on the walk, we told him how to train ... everything."

Ryan Gosling
Nice wheels ... Ryan Gosling in Drive
When Cooper won Gosling fans went internet crazy, culminating in protests outside People's New York offices.
If Gosling's many appearances on the big screen have passed you by you are about to be bombarded.
Drive and Crazy, Stupid, Love are released on DVD on Monday.
Critically-acclaimed The Ides Of March will follow next month.
Gosling appears in five upcoming films including the period crime feature Gangster Squad, Tree of Life director Terrence Malick's Lawless, and a remake of the sci-fi classic Logan's Run.
The Place Beyond The Pines, a crime drama in which he is billed ABOVE Bradley Cooper, will be released later this year.
Gosling was nominated as best supporting actor for his role in Crazy, Stupid, Love in last week's Golden Globe Awards.
He missed the L.A. ceremony because he was filming gangster flick Only God Forgives in Thailand.
Ryan's Mormon upbringing in a working class mill town in Ontario, Canada, belies such success but gives a clue to his choice of brooding loner roles.
Aged five he backed the family car almost into the path of another car.
He says: "I also stood in the middle of the street trying to get hit by cars, not because I wanted to die but I wanted to be where the cars were.
"I didn't have any friends: not in a sad, 'poor me' way. I didn't want any. I liked being alone."
He says: "When I first saw Rambo, that movie put a kind of spell on me and I actually thought I WAS Rambo. So much so, that one day, I took a bunch of steak knives to school and threw them around at recess time because I thought we were in the movie.
"I'm not proud of this but I did learn a lesson - I was suspended from school."
Gosling was diagnosed with ADHD and his single mum, Donna, a teacher, home-schooled him for a year.
Acting gave him an escape from bullies who picked on him at school for being different.
He recalls: "TV was my only friend. One day I saw Raquel Welch on The Muppet Show.
"She was dancing with this big furry spider and I immediately fell in love.
"She was the first crush I ever had and I thought: 'How do I get to meet this woman?'
"Then I thought: 'Well, she's on TV, so to meet her I have to get on TV myself.'"

Ryan with Carey Mulligan in Drive
Ladies' man ... Ryan with Carey Mulligan in Drive
Aged eight Ryan was performing as a singer at weddings and talent contests with his older sister Mandi.
He attended an open audition in Montreal for the TV series "The Mickey Mouse Club" in 1993 and beat 17,000 other aspiring actors for a a spot on the show.
He says: "In my age bracket there were seven kids, three of whom were Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake.
While filming he lived with Timberlake's family for two years.
He says: "Filming was kind of depressing because when I got there, they realised that I wasn't really up to stuff in comparison with what some of the other kids were able to do.
"I remember they put four of us in a dance routine, but I was so off.
"I was on the end, so they just pushed the shot in closer on the other three guys to frame me out.
"I would just come in at the beginning of the show and then come back at the end."
He adds: "I'd have a sketch here or there, but I didn't end up working that much, which was disheartening."
Aged 16 Gosling bade farewell to Mickey Mouse and moved by himself to Hollywood.
He won the romantic lead in the 2004 weepie The Notebook, which brought him to the attention of the world's women.
Ironically he won the role because the director thought he 'wasn't too handsome'.
He says: "People would come up to me and tell me that they thought The Notebook was romantic, but one guy told me that he was engaged and his fiancee broke up with him after that movie because she said to him, 'You wouldn't build a house for me, would you?'
"He was like, 'Well, no, but I don't know how.'
"She said, 'But if you knew how?' and he said, 'No, I wouldn't. But it doesn't mean I don't love you.'
"She said, 'Yeah, it does.' And she called it off."
The film led to a three-year relationship with co-star Rachel McAdams.
Before that he dated Sandra Bullock for two years.
He says: "I had two of the greatest girlfriends of all time.
"Showbusiness is the bad guy. When both people are in showbusiness it's too much showbusiness.
"It takes all of the light, so nothing else can grow."
He met Eva Mendes on set and at Christmas introduced her to his mum but so far that's as far as it goes.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes
Romance ... with Eva Mendes in Paris
He says: "I'd like to be making babies, but I'm not, so I'm making movies.
"When someone comes along I don't think I'll be able to do both and I'm fine with that.
"I'll make movies until I make babies.
"I have no idea when the handover will happen."
Until then his penchant for playing troubled mavericks is proving productive.

Ryan Gosling
Actor ... Ryan says he'll make movies before making babies
He won a best actor Oscar nomination for his 2006 role as a troubled teacher in Half Nelson.
He says: "Picking roles is sort of like when a song comes on and you've got to dance.
"You don't really know why you have to dance, you've just got to do it. So, it's a hard thing to explain. That's always changing.
"I feel very lucky. Acting is like living many lives in one. You get more than just one.
"There's instant access to everything. As with all drugs there's a dark side, but when actors talk about the downside of fame I roll my eyes.
"You say you want something, it appears.
"The people in movies become the people you know.
"Magical things happen."

Denis Kilcommons: Ryan Gosling or a new Hotpoint - ladies, it’s your choice

THE sign in the Huddersfield shop window cheered me up no end: “Spring Fashion”, it said. The fact that the store was gearing up to sell lightweight clothes for balmy spring days was a message of hope.
Only last week I bought a new winter coat because my wife Maria had appropriated my fur lined Ben Sherman. I hadn’t noticed, as I usually travel by car and she catches the bus three times a week to go into town.
But on this occasion we had driven into town together, parked in the multi storey and by the time we reached BHS I realised I was in danger of frostbite in a sensitive area because I was wearing a wind cheater in what was brass monkey weather. My wife, meanwhile, was snug as a bug in a rug.
“That’s my coat,” I said.
“I know,” she said, without any qualms, hesitation or regret.
“But you’ve got at least two other winter coats. You've got a Dr Who overcoat and a Paddington Bear duffel coat.”
I should point out that these are not actually coats that are franchised by either character, just that they are similar in design.
“This is warmer.”
“I’m freezing.”
“You can always borrow my duffel coat.”
“I don’t like marmalade.”

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Gosling questions hound McAdams

mcadams gosling
Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling 
LOS ANGELES - "Only questions about the movie!"
That's what Rachel McAdams' handlers told a press scrum before the Hollywood screening of her new romantic flick, The Vow, with Channing Tatum.
What the handlers were really telling the entertainment media was: "No questions about Ryan Gosling!"
Since her once better half has become the "It person" of the entire world, there's no escaping the rather rude questions McAdams has been peppered with by the American press.
Instead of, "Oh, Rachel, can you tell us how you liked working with Channing?"
Or "Rachel, what's your favourite designer of the moment?"
Even, "Rachel, what's in your bag?" -- the only thing tabloid reporters want to ask her about is Ryan Gosling.
Never mind that McAdams and Gosling broke up more than five years ago and she's been happily steady with actor Michael Sheen for two years.
So, despite the warnings at The Vow screening, these are some of the questions that were screamed at the 33-year-old star of such films as Midnight in Paris, Mean Girls, The Notebook (yes, that's where she met Gosling), The Time Traveller's Wife, Sherlock Holmes and Morning Glory.
"Hey Rachel! What do you think of Ryan dating Eva Mendes? Does it make you jealous?" asked one.
"Rachel, hey, over here!" shouted another. "Rachel, do you think you'll ever get back together with Ryan?"
And this one: "Wait a minute, Rachel! How much better was it kissing Ryan in The Notebook than Channing in The Vow?"
McAdams smiled, waved, walked the red carpet, stopped for photos -- and ignored the questions.
While print media doesn't scream inappropriate questions at her about Gosling, they're still asking -- but in a sneakier way.
For instance, in last month's Glamour interview, McAdams was asked about Gosling's huge popularity and the "blogs upon blogs" being written about him.
Glamour: "I've heard you don't read your press. Do you read about other people?"
Rachel McAdams: "Not really, no."
Glamour: "So you're not aware that Ryan Gosling has become a huge feminist icon?"
Rachel McAdams: "Feminist icon?"
Luckily, McAdams lives in Toronto, where people are polite.
MAD MAN: Halle Berry's camp keeps leaking stories to TMZ and others about Gabriel Aubry's "anger issues."
Oh, the irony.
Berry has stopped the couple's daughter, Nahla, from being granted a Canadian citizenship because she doesn't want Aubry taking her to see his family in Montreal. Meanwhile, she's petitioning the court to take the three year old to France, where Aubry would hardly get visitations, to live with new boyfriend Oliver Martinez.
Aubry is very close to Nahla.
And lest we forget, HE'S THE FATHER!
The multi-millionaire Berry is spending millions of dollars on the best family lawyers in the country to make sure she gets what she wants; and her publicity team is working around the clock trying to make Aubry look like an unfit parent.
What kind of a chance does a Canadian Calvin Klein model have against a popular Oscar-winning actress?
No wonder Aubry has "anger issues."
If I were him, I'd be steaming!

Banksy Imitator Targets Drive Star Ryan Gosling

Banksy Imitator Targets Drive Star Ryan Gosling - ArtLyst Article image 

Banksy imitator Hanksy has made a name for himself stencilling up images of Tom Hanks around New York, even securing himself a current exhibition at the Kraus Gallery. But now the prankster has spread his wings to include portraits of other pop culture icons, including Ryan Gosling, Bill Cosby, Ted Danson.
Speaking in a recent interview, he intimated this new direction, revealing that he was ‘working on a series of new stuff’: It's still very humorous and relies heavily on easily known pop-culture references. It may or may not include Tom Hanks/Banksy tie-ins and while nothing's been put up yet, New York can expect something very soon.’ And now it has, with images of his new work now circulating the web.
The portrait of Ryan Gosling depicts poking his head out of a drive-thru counter in reference to his role in cult hit Drive, with the heart-throb actor wearing his signature driving gloves.
The portrait of actor Ted Danson puns on his name and portrays the sit-com/CSI star doing the highland fling under the words ‘Ted Dancin’’.Ted Dancin Hanksy
The portrait of Bill Cosby depicts the comedian holding a can of spray paint, having just written the words ‘You had me at JELLO’
Bill Cosby Hanksy
Explaining his work, Hanksy said that ‘It's lighthearted and doesn't try too hard to be profound or serious’: ‘not everything in this life has to be somber, serious, and thought-provoking. Street art included. Mindless humor is meant to be had and the success I've seen shows that other people believe that as well.’

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First Look at Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper in THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES

by Adam Chitwood    

The first images from director Derek Cianfrance’s crime drama The Place Beyond the Pines have been unveiled, giving us our first look at stars Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper in character. The film centers on the intense feud between a professional motorcycle rider turned bank robber (Gosling) and a rookie police officer (Cooper). The images showcase Gosling’s peroxided hair and overall badassness, and Cooper’s ability to run while holding a gun.
Hit the jump to check out the images. The film also stars Eva Mendes, Rose Byrne, and Ben Mendelsohn. The Place Beyond the Pines opens sometime next year.

Here’s the synopsis for The Place Beyond the Pines:
Luke (Gosling) is a professional motorcycle rider who turns to bank robberies to support his newborn son, but when he crosses paths with a rookie police officer (Cooper) their violent confrontation spirals into a tense generational feud. THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES is a rich dramatic thriller that traces the intersecting lives of fathers and sons, cops and robbers, heroes and villain.

Vanessa Hudgens claims she loves Ryan Gosling

Vanessa Hudgens admitted that she loves Ryan Gosling just before the Valentine Day. She was admitting to having a crush on Ryan Gosling.
Former High School Musical star, Vanessa was at the Oster Media Presents Leila Shams party in New York. Vanessa was asked about which Oscar nominations be worthy of winning the prestigious film event later this month. Despite neither of Ryan’s movie has been nominated in the biggest film event, the beauty gush about having crush over Hollywood hunk.

The 23-year-old told, she just adore Ryan Gosling. I love him, and I loved that movie Drive, she was heard saying by the New York Post. Vanessa Hudgens is currently dating actor Austin Butler, says she is in love with Ryan Gosling. While Vanessa Hudgens previously dated Zac Efron, a long time love and announced their split in 2010. Ryan Gosling is currently dating actress Eva Mendes.
Reportedly, Vanessa Hudgens spent her Valentine Day alone shopping the holiday away in the City of Light. Recently, she dished about a much less glamorous time in her life, remember her two week long stay at a homeless shelter as a preparation for a movie role.
The 84th Annual Academy Awards is scheduled to place on February 26, 2012, where Jennifer Lopez and Tom Cruise will be presenting the Oscars 2012.