Monday, February 20, 2012

Banksy Imitator Targets Drive Star Ryan Gosling

Banksy Imitator Targets Drive Star Ryan Gosling - ArtLyst Article image 

Banksy imitator Hanksy has made a name for himself stencilling up images of Tom Hanks around New York, even securing himself a current exhibition at the Kraus Gallery. But now the prankster has spread his wings to include portraits of other pop culture icons, including Ryan Gosling, Bill Cosby, Ted Danson.
Speaking in a recent interview, he intimated this new direction, revealing that he was ‘working on a series of new stuff’: It's still very humorous and relies heavily on easily known pop-culture references. It may or may not include Tom Hanks/Banksy tie-ins and while nothing's been put up yet, New York can expect something very soon.’ And now it has, with images of his new work now circulating the web.
The portrait of Ryan Gosling depicts poking his head out of a drive-thru counter in reference to his role in cult hit Drive, with the heart-throb actor wearing his signature driving gloves.
The portrait of actor Ted Danson puns on his name and portrays the sit-com/CSI star doing the highland fling under the words ‘Ted Dancin’’.Ted Dancin Hanksy
The portrait of Bill Cosby depicts the comedian holding a can of spray paint, having just written the words ‘You had me at JELLO’
Bill Cosby Hanksy
Explaining his work, Hanksy said that ‘It's lighthearted and doesn't try too hard to be profound or serious’: ‘not everything in this life has to be somber, serious, and thought-provoking. Street art included. Mindless humor is meant to be had and the success I've seen shows that other people believe that as well.’

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