Monday, December 26, 2011

Actors of 2011: 3 - Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling really has been a force to be reckoned with on the big screen this year as he has delivered three stunning performances over the last twelve months.
And with those roles he has mixed and matched the different genres moving from the romance drama of Blue Valentine to comedy with Crazy Stupid Love and crime drama Drive.
Gosling kicked off the year with Blue Valentine which saw him team up with Michelle Williams - in a pair of compelling performances.
The movie was met with critical acclaim as Gosling and Williams just sizzled together in a movie that followed the relationship of a young couple.
He tackled the romantic comedy for this first time this year as he starred alongside Emma Stone and Steve Carell in Crazy Stupid Love.
The witty script really does bring the best out of the all star cast, who knew Gosling was such a great comic actor; he banters well with Carell throughout the movie.
But it is his performance in Drive that is his best turn of 2011 as he is simply mesmerising from start to finish, which has to be applauded as he is a character that doesn’t say an awful lot.

The movie teams him up with filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn while Oscar nominee Carey Milligan is also on the cast list.
This is one of the best performances of Gosling’s career - giving away how he feels with a look rather than words; something which draws you in from the opening scenes to the closing credits.
Driver is a man of many layers a seeming straight laced stunt man who enjoys the thrill of breaking the law before turning on the violence to protect Irene and her young son.
The movie was opened to critical acclaim - and it really does deserve all of the praise that came its way as this is unlike any other movie that you will have seen this year.
Gosling has already finished filming on The Place Beyond The Pines and he is currently working on Gangster Squad - a movie which will reunite him with Emma Stone.

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