Thursday, February 16, 2012

Want to become Ryan Gosling? Your girl wants you to, so watch this !

Hey, girl. We could all benefit from a little more Gosling in our lives. And since your man's not Ryan Gosling -- unless you're Eva Mendes, HATE! -- here's a brief tutorial to make your guy 50 percent more Gosling by the weekend.
A guy named Joey with a passing resemblance to "The Notebook" star has posted a YouTube video called "How To Look Like Ryan Gosling." It's worth three minutes of your time. I mean, this IS Ryan Gosling we're talking about. With apologies to Old Spice, he's The Man Your Man Could Look Like.

In short:
Step 1: Get a new wardrobe. (Ryan Gosling in "The Matrix" works. What?)
Step 2: Shave your facial hair to a length that is more GQ than grizzly. And please be careful. That electric razor is no joke.
Step 3: Square the jaw. Not too much -- just enough.
Step 4: Perfect the Ryan Gosling smile. You know, the one where he smiles with his eyes, not with his mouth?
Step 5: The hair. No stylist? No problem.
Step 6: Say this: "You look good." This might take some practice. Girls know EXACTLY how Gosling would deliver this line. In fact, he's doing it in our heads right now.
Now, before you get your hopes up, here's what this video will NOT teach your man to do:

1. Build a house from scratch just because it reminds him of you, like Gosling did in "The Notebook."
2. Do the "Dirty Dancing" move, like Gosling did in "Crazy Stupid Love."
3. Stomp a guy's face into mush in an elevator because he's about to kill you, like Gosling did in "Drive."

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