Saturday, March 24, 2012

Diane Keaton wants to kiss Ryan Gosling

by Lanford Beard


The list of men Diane Keaton has kissed on screen reads like an Academy Awards publicist’s clipboard — on a good year. Still, the actress has her eye on one young whippersnapper who has thus far eluded her lips: Ryan Gosling.
In an interview on Canada’s The Marilyn Denis Show, Keaton joked, “Here’s the deal with me: I’ve kissed a lot of men on film,” then rattled off a crazy-impressive slew of names. “I really feel I deserve an award.” And that award, apparently, is the pleasure of Gosling’s company. What, Diane, an Oscar isn’t enough? Now you want the almost-Sexiest Man Alive, too? Don’t be greedy, girl. Okay, be greedy. We understand. Also? Get in line.

1 comment:

  1. Isn't this just silly. I dislike the fact that media muffits are taking some of our most intelligent and talented people and turning them into some kind of body, sex icon. Give these folks, including Ryan a break and take their work, in his case films, songs, documentary, band music and just an overall wise informed person and let them be what they are. Yes, he has a body, muscles, and romantic ways of moving however more than that he has something between his ears. "And that is the MAJOR thing that I look for when I see media coverage of him"
    get real people this is a world in need of many changes that can be sparked by persons in Ryan's position. Honor him, yes and his ability to take some of this own idea and fly, and admire him for it.